Aicon 85 Fly Bridge

Aicon 85One more very beautiful and attractive yacht of Aicon is the model 85 Fly Bridge. This is quite nice, quite expensive and quite large yacht for real lovers of standard yachts. The yacht Aicon 85 Fly Bridge has length of 26.50 meters, or 86 feet. The beam of the yacht is 6.40 meters, or 21 feet and the draft is 1.50 meters, or 5 feet. The yacht is really nice and large and have displacement of 83 metric tons. The yacht is also quite reliable, made by fiberglass, most used material for creating such yachts. Aicon 85 Fly Bridge has main engine Caterpillar C32 Acert 1825 with 1,825 h.p. power. This engine allows for the yacht to realize maximum speed of 30 knots, high speed even for such sportage yacht. The cruising and economy speed is quite lower – 27 knots. The tanks of the yacht have capacity for 2,323 gallons of fuel and 520 gallons of fresh water.
Aicon 85 insideThe yacht is really amazing in design and technical characteristics, but actually this is not everything. The yacht have one large living room equipped with luxury interior and unique design, with coffee table, dinner table and large living area. Also there is large TV-set connected to DVD and Audio System. The bedrooms are 5 more, and capacity of the yacht is for 10 persons. All rooms are designed uniquely too with nice furniture and beautiful colors. The outside area is consisted of jacuzzi and beautiful places for sunbathing. The yacht also has water jets and diving equipment. Also the one outside and one inside bars are giving the atmosphere of small cruise ship on board. You can spend amazing voyage with such beautiful yacht, like Aicon 85 Fly Bridge. Maybe you will not be amazed by the price of the yacht – about 5.5 million USD. This is high price, but if you like cruising, if you like yachts and traveling, this will be ideal place for you.