Atlantis 55

Atlantis 55Atlantis 55 is really beautiful and luxury yacht, made in one of the highest quality yards of Europe. The yacht has length of 16,70 meters and beam of 4.65 meters. Definitely this beautiful yacht is great place for family vacation and parties. the yacht has 3 staterooms for the guests and capacity for 6 persons. All the cabins are equipped with most luxury interior design and extras, which you may need. The cabins have large double beds, own WC and bathroom and large LCD TVs with home cinema. The yacht has also large lobby, which was decorated according to the latest fashion trends of interior design. The lobby and the dining room are quite large and can accept enough people for small party or your guests, while cruising. Definitely Atlantis 55 is one of the most fantastic and beautiful yachts, which have reasonable prices (Atlantis 55 has price of 850 thousand EUR). The main engines of the yacht are two VOLVO Penta, each with power of 526 kW (or 710 hp). The total power, which engines are giving to the yacht is 1420 hp, which is enough for the yacht to have cruising speed of 24 knots. The yacht is great, with beautiful design and very luxury interior. In all the cases Atlantis 55 will make your vacation amazing. The yacht is equipped for diving and water sports. Of course on board there are much places about sunbathing and fishing. Really amazing yacht with great opportunities and perfect design.
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Atlantis 55 lobby Atlantis 55 suite Atlantis 55 yacht