Pelorus Paradise Yacht

The yacht Pelorus is one of the most expensive and most known yachts. The yacht is property of Roman Abramovic and has a length of 115 meters. Tha yacht has two helicopter caps, one large pool, and 3 outside bars. The Pelorus is wonderful yacht and I’m sure that you will like it from the first sight. This yacht is not for sale, but I think that after building the new and larger yacht of Roman Abramovic, this one can go into the sectors “Yacht charter”. The Pelorus has a beam of 17.20 meters and draft of 4.66 meters. Pelorus yacht is on the third place as most expensive yachts. The price of Pelorus is about 300 million US Dollars. The beauty in this yacht is all around and the luxury atmosphere is one of the most important things on board. Pelorus is a paradise for everyone, but to be owner of such yacht you should be at least Russian Billionaire. Pelorus yacht is reliable, sure, and very comfortable. The two main engines Wartsila, which are giving enough power for the yacht to sail with speed of 20 knots. The yacht is fast and you may go whenever you want with such beauty.
Pelorus Paradise Yacht is nice and the service is in the highest level. The crew on board is 40 persons and the guests are 4 times less, which is the best prove for my words. Nobody can tell something bad about Pelorus yacht, and if you tell I’m sure that this will be a lie. The yacht like this is made for parties, luxury life and disipation of money. Nobody thinks about rest with family when sees the luxury of Pelorus Yacht. The VIp rooms are offering the highsr class comfort and interior, which can me compared only with the top hotels of the world. Other rooms are also very nice, beautiful furnished and nice designed. The highest decks are designed with nice ocean view, and places for taking a rest and making sunbathing. And what more can I tell, I vote with two hands about this yacht, because this is one of the most beautiful and nice steel small cruise ships, which I can iintroduce to you.