Atlantis 50

Atlantis 50The yacht Atlantis 50 is another beautiful serial model yacht from the famous company. The yacht has length of 15.20 meters and beam of 4.50 meters. The yacht Atlantis 50 has two engines VOLVO D12-800 EVC, which are giving total power of 1,550 hp. This power and the improved propulsion system are giving for the yacht maximum speed of 28 knots, which the economy (cruising) speed is 23 knots. The yacht has also auxiliary diesel generator KOHLER 17, which is giving electricity for the electrical appliances. Atlantis 50 is quite large yacht, which has capacity for 6 guests, who will be divided into 3 double staterooms. All the rooms are designed according to latest fashion trends and have comfortable equipment for only beautiful holiday. The rooms have own bathrooms, LCD TV, home cinema and wardrobes. The yacht has beautiful lobby with places for all the guests, which is beautiful design and dedicated for meetings, dining or watching TV. The yacht Atlantis 50 has independence by sea of 39 hours or about 800 nautical miles. The yacht has 1.9 metric tons fuel oil capacity and 500 liters fresh water capacity. Of course such luxury yacht has everything, which you can imagine for one really unforgetable holiday. The yacht has air condition system, wenge floor for lobby and glossy wood interior. The navigation is ensured from radar plotter with integrated GPS (8-inches color screen – Raymarine E120).
The yacht is really amazing and has very beautiful design and interior. The yacht is luxury, having low fuel consumption and environmental design and technology. The propulsion system is improved, which gets high power and decreases the loses of energy. The two propellers have fixed step and are flexible. The yacht Atlantis 50 is definitely among the most ecology and environmental engineering designs. The special paint of the hull is decreasing the water resistance and the overgrown with water organisms. This is big and very important problem for every yacht owner, because when sailing in different seas and vicinities the yacht is getting high overgrown of the hull.
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