Azimut 116 is luxury and beautiful yacht

Azimut 116One of the most luxury yachts models definitely is the one Azimut. The company is produciong high expensive and very beautiful and luxury yachts for people with money. The one Azimut 116 is yacht with length of 35.4 meters, beam of 7.4 meters and the draught of 2 meters. This is some very interesting and good yacht and in spite of everything I like it very much. The hull made by fiberglass and it is strong material for the low price, which it costs. For small vessels, under 50 meters the fiberglass material is very useful. The diplacement of Azimut 116 is 143 metric tons. The yacht is middle size and very luxury and luxury designed. It is made by profecionalist for the real lovers of good style and yachting. The water capacity is 2.8 thousands liters and the fuel capacity of the yacht Azimut 116 is 18 thousand liters. But this is characteristic mostly for the crew on board, and as owner or guest you will pay more attention for the atmosphere and luxury style. The yacht has 4 rooms for the crew, 1 room for the owner and 4 rooms for the guests on board. The space for living and for entertainment is enlarged here and this can be easily seen by the low guests allowed on board.
Azimut 116 InteriorAnd the yacht is not only hull and accomodation but also needs of strong and high reliable engine. The main engines of Azimut 116 are two MTU V16 2000 M93, and have power of 1,790 kW each. And this power allows for the yacht to realize speed of 28 knots in maximum and the cruising speed is 24 knots. That is a great and very high speed for yacht, boat or some kind of vessel. And you can have this yacht for your. And you will be fast on the sea and will be sure that the yacht will be strong enough in any storm or heavy sea, but if it is possible do not enter with the yacht in heavy sea. The accomodation is very good and luxury as I mentioned, 3 times. The staterooms are 5, for the passengers on board, from which 1 is for the owner, two VIP rooms and 2 second class rooms, but if you see them you will feel like in 5 star hotel. There is all necessary equipment and furniture for you and your guests. There is large LCD TV in every room, place for sleeping and some lounge place all designed very nice. The two places in the room are separated with some kind of wall, but it is mostly for decoration. In call cases this yacht is a dream for many pleople, and you can practise also many water sports, fishing, diving and sunbathing. Also the greatest parties can be made on board because there is enough place for the people and for dances in the hot summer nights.