Baia Onda 63

Baia Onda 63The sport yacht Baia Onda 63 is one of the most aggressive yachts, which are available in serial production. The company is specialized in designing fast and aggressive designed boats, which are usually used for races. And it is easy to understand that Baia Onda 63 has sportage design and really high power of the main engine. The overall length of Baia Onda 63 is 19.85 m, the moulded beam is 5.25 and the summer draft is 1.12 m. The deadmweight of the motor yacht is 18.25 DWT and the depth of the board is 2.70 m. the yacht is large and has capacity for 16 people on board, but during berth. However on board there are 4 cabins, which give large living area and really comfortable furniture, which will make your vacation exciting and unforgetable. The cabins offer capacity for 12 passengers during the cruise and yacht has improved independence for 2000 nautical miles, so you can make quite long distant cruises and voyages.
The engineering of the yacht is powerful and strong. The main engines are two MAN V12 1400 CRM 1400 Cv, which give total power of 2800 hp. Such high power and engineering give maximum speed of the yacht of over 50 knots, while the cruising speed is 28 knots. The improved technology and fuel system makes the yacht powerful and sailing with it is remarkable.