Bayliner 2855

Bayliner 2855The small boat Bayliner 2855 is really comfortable and nice boat for small cruises and coastal sail. The small boat has length of 9.00 m, moulded beam of 3.00 m and maximum draft of 1.00 m. The yacht is small and cozy, but is really cheap for maintenance and really good looking, proper for water sports, diving, fishing and etc. The hull is made by plastic and really strong. The yacht has one cabin for the passengers and a fly bridge. The capacity of Bayliner 2855 is maximum 6 passengers, as it is not so large. The small boat has bathroom, kitchen appliances and one bedroom. The yacht Bayliner 2855 has hydraulic stabilizers, full navigation equipment and really strong engine available to reach high speed, entertaining the passengers and guests during the hot summer days. The yacht has great places for sunbathing and really large space for such small and cheap yacht.
The small boat Bayliner 2855 is really nice and handsome. It has Caterpillar engine with power of 350 hp and really high speed. The maximum speed of the yacht is 24.5 knots, while the cruising and economy one is about 21.0 knots.