CABO 52 express – too ugly to sail

Yeah, when we have in mind the largest yachts of the world, we should not pay attention to smaller boats. And the boat, which we will talk about today is one very small and very ugly boat. The yacht with name CABO 52 express is definitely the worst boat, which I have ever seen. This boat have a terrible design, and I’ll not be happy to own such silly yacht. CABO 52 express has a length of 52 feet, which is equals to 15.85 meters and a beam of 17 feet, or 5.20 meters. And If you tell that this yacht is only small, but may looks good, I will tell you that you havn’t seen the pictures. The yacht, which was the strong “word” of CABO Yachts, which specify their product is looking like fishing boat, but even fishing boats are looking mode sportage. This boat is just a cheap plastic, sailing in the water. The Cabo 52 express has four options for engine: Twin Caterpillar C-18, with power of 1015HPm; Twin MAN V12 – 1550CRM, with power of 1550HPm and two differences of Twin Caterpillar C-32, with power of 1572HPm and 1675HPm.
And when talking about silly design, we should tell some words about the hull. Well the hull is made from good material – fiberglass, used for Azimut Yachts and Benetti Yachts, but even this is not making the boat good. One room, which is on the bow is the only place where you can get a rest, but it is small small, that you will have a calostrofoby. The small bath is next to the living room (which is also a bedroom). The speed of the “yacht” (I putted this is quatas, because I was clear – This is not yacht), is about 17 knots, and the fuel consumption is 16 gallons per hour. Oh this was the economy engine, very good, but who cares. And when I wrote so many bad words about this silly boat, I should tell also the price of CABO 52 express, and the price is… 1,400,000 US Dollars. HaHaHa, who expected, a? I think that the builders of this ugly boat are crazy,or they have no idea of yacht designing. I’m not sure if someone will give even 400,000 US Dollars for such yacht, but maybe they know better.