Christensen 160 or one big “dissipation of money”

Christensen 160Christensen 160 is one yacht in process of building, but with very high expectations for luxury design, nice interior and very strong engine. The yacht should come on sea in 2009, and was ordered into the ship-yard of Chicago. The length of Christensen 160 is easy to be calculated because it is 48.80 meters, which is nearly one small cruise ship. The yacht has a beam of 9.05 meters and a draft of 2.25 meters. The yacht Christensen 160 is one very beautiful and very good designer decision in my opinion. I have seen only the work of the constructors and designed projects, but it is looking like real yacht with large public rooms, very luxury state rooms, places for sunbathing, even small pool. That is the one I like mostly in this yacht. Christensen 160 has capacity for 14 passengers, divided into 7 staterooms. The crew on board is 10 people, which gives a high luxury condition and high luxury feeling for all the guests. The yacht Christensen 160 is the best yacht I have seen from many time, because the direction of yacht development is in wrong position, and I want to see more yachts like this one.
Christensen 160 deckSome large yacht offers better places for rest and Christensen 160 is the leader for way of resting. You can practice water sports, diving, fishing. You can take sunbathing, swimming in the pool or just having fun with friends in some of the outside bars. You can do whatever you want.
And one spaceful and large yacht will need of strong engine, and the main engines of Christensen 160 are two 12V 400 MTU, which are giving to the yacht a power of 4,800 hp each. That is enough for one small ship, but for this yacht this can realize only 14 knots of speed. That is not so much, but such kinds of yachts, like Christensen 160 are not engaged in fast sailing around the oceans. This yacht is one “dissipation of money”, which is the basic idea of yachts building. The price according to the contract signed for building Christensen 160 was 38.5 millions US Dollars. You can image what man you should be to own such yacht, or what will be the charter per day. When built in 2009 this yacht will be in the first 10 places for most expensive and largest yachts of the world.
So we met one very beautiful small cruise ship, called Christensen 160.