Extravagant motor yacht Mine Games

If you like beautiful and luxury yachts the yacht Mine Games delivered in 2007 by Trinity Yachts will get your attention from the first sight. The yacht Mine Games has a length of 164 feet, which is equals to approximately 50 meters. The beam of the yacht is 28 feet, or 8.5 meters and the draft of the yacht is 7 feet, equals to 2 meters. Mine Games is one very luxury yacht and very nice looking. The designers gave their best to create such beautiful and sportage yacht, and you will love it much when you see even a picture of this beauty. The extravagant looking is comming from the luxury aluminium material for the design of the hull. The material can easilycreate very nice shapes and this was used from designeds of Trinity Yachts Inc. And when we are talking about such yacht, we should claim the engine installed on board, because without good engine this will be only pretty good boat. The main engines of Mine Games are two Caterpillar 3516B HD, which is giving a power of 2 x 3,384 hp at 1,800 rpm. The mid-revolution vessel is very strong and reliable and gives enough power for the beautiful yacht to sail with speed of 22.5 knots, and the maximum allowed speed by this engine is nearly 24 knots. And when we are talking about yacht with length of 50 meters, this is pretty good result.
But I said in the beginning that this yacht is luxury and very beautiful. Till that moment I claimed only about stupid spacifications and almost nothing about beuty of the motor yacht. Mine Games has a cpacity for 11 passengers, which are divided into 5 stateroom. All rooms are from high class with luxury equippment and furniture. On board of this beautiful yacht there is one living room, one kitchen and also one meeting room. This is place where business people can make a meeting, and if you are using this yacht for parties this can be the heart of each party. The interesting plac is small digital cinema room, which is equipped with nice luxury leather furniture, for nice evenings with your freinds or famil, watching some of the newest movies. The cinema room is equipped with large LCD TV, home cinema with digital surrounding system. This is enough for everyone to remember the movies, which are projected there. Outside you will find 1 beautiful small bar and one large bar on the aft part of the main deck. There is enough place for 12-14 people for one nice party outside in the hot summer days or nights. The yacht Mine Games is one of the most beautiful and very attractive place, where you can spend your hiliday or one business conference.