Mangusta 105

Yeah, if the website is called “Luxury Yachts”, we should write more about luxury yachts. And Mangusta 105 is exactly, what I’m taking about. The yacht is large, beautiful, good designed, witth nice shape and absolutely sportage style. The length of Mangusta 105 is 31.4 meters and the beam is 6.9 meters. This is making one pretty large and spaceful yacht, and as I said, the outlook of this beautiful yacht is very good. You have enough space for whatever you want, and the yacht is fully equipped for long trip or just a holiday in the bay. The main engines of Mangusta 105 are two MTU 12V 396TE94, which have maximum power of 2 x 2285 horse powers. This is pretty strong engine, which is high reliable and very fast. This means that this yacht is among the fastest, because the maximum speed is 35 knots, and the cruising one 30 knots.
Mangusta 105 is reliable and as I said very good for long voyages and the run time of the main engine is about 400 hours. The fuel capacity of the yacht Mangusta 105 is 12 tons, and the water capacity is about 1,8 tons. The independence of the yacht at sea is restricted by water (with 10 persons on board) is about 3 days. Mangusta 105 is very luxury and has a capacity for 10 guests. The guests are devided into 4 guest rooms and one Owner room (or VIP room). Also on board there is 1 large living room and also one conference hall, with not so large measurements. The living room is fully equipped with kitchen and places for Tv watching (there is a large Home Cinema) and places for dining. On board of Mangusta 105 there you will find all enetrtainments, which you can find on board of one yacht. This is a place for vacancy and good time with friends, family or colegues. It doesn’t matter. Mangusta 105 is one very beautiful and large motor yacht.