Motor yacht De Lisle II

De Lisle IIIt is one of the most luxurious motor De Lisle II yacht that have been built in the recent past. They basically charter around the Australian series, and the external profile which has an exquisite amount of detailing, as well as prolific artwork is one of the main highlights of this yacht. The detailing is very gentle and the flowing lines of the interiors actually mark a new type of artwork that has been seen in the making of jobs. They have a lot of luxury value, and are mostly used as luxury yachts all over the world. Most of them had been bought by private owners, and they are exceptionally large and very much specious so that you could convert them into a floating hotel, as well as a place for your residence in the high seas. The main feature of this Azimuth yacht is that the Indian sound is very much reduced and diminished which can make this a silent tourist industries, making your journey more pleasurable experience for you.
The yacht De Lisle II is amazing is interior and exterior design. Also the beauty of the yacht is in its measurements and engineering. The length of De Lisle II is 30.20 meters and the beam is 6.60 meters. The navigation equipment is really with high standards and the propulsion system is increasing the power with more than 20%. The yacht is also very environmental and highly effective, decreasing the oil consumpion with about 15%.
De Lisle II interiorYou could charter guest of about eight people in this boat, and having a cruise speed of 22 knots as well as twin engine that are 1800 hp, De Lisle II provides a very good and powerful mean machine under that hood. There are so many people all across the world who find that this is their best boats, that they have actually clamoured to be the owner of this yacht. There are a lot of entertainment facilities like HDTV steal your as well as fishing equipment is always available in this yacht which can make you, always wanting to stay in this yacht, and not being able to get out from this lap of luxury that you are living in currently. A super yacht De Lisle II to own, with a maximum speed of 29 knots, you could enjoy the best time of your life.