Motor yacht San Bernardo

San Bernardo yachtThis is a very big yacht from San Bernardo with a bodywork that has been done by many famous personals in this criteria. One would be hard put to find the better looking yacht, and the amount of interior decoration that has been done in this yacht that goes along with the decor of this yacht, can be very enthralling as well as enriching for a person. This has been coming off a riding on the successes of previous yachts from this company, and they actually can make sure that they create a success of their own with their premium quality is that they have inherent in this yacht.
This yacht can actually accommodate a maximum of 10 guests, that can be accommodated in the five cabins that are present in this San Bernardo yacht. In the daytime, you could accommodate a maximum of up to 12 guests, and having a luxurious cabin of double beds and twin beds, this luxury yacht does not in any way have anything lacking in terms of comfort. Fitted with a circular Jacuzzi and a spa pool, this is one of the best yachts that they would find for your money, and that they would enjoy being the owner of.
The length of the yacht
motor yacht San BernardoThis Heesen yachts can charter a guess of up to 10 people while they would want to spend an overnight in a yacht, or a maximum of 12 people in the day cruising. They have five cabins which is used for sleeping facilities, and a cruise speed of a comfortable 12 knots, which is good enough for a peaceful cruise. They have a cabin crew of up to 9 members, and you could also get a maximum speed of up to 25 knots which can ensure that you reach your destination in time and peace of mind.