Noni super-yacht

Noni yachtHaving being built as a luxury motor yacht by Noni this is one of the premier luxury yachts that you can find for your money’s worth. This type of luxury yacht has been built from the year 1999, and have undergone all major refitting is as well as restructurings in the recent years making them one of the best luxury yachts that are present in this current era. Having a lot of engine room, that can comfortably accorded more than 10 guests in the specious four rooms that this luxury yacht has, they are available in all parts of the world but specifically present in Greece and Eastern Mediterranean.
The yacht is designed by Azimut, which is among the most quality yacht-builder. The length of the super-yacht Noni is 29.80 meters and beam of 6.60 meters. The yacht has two main engines MTU, each having power of 1800 h.p. The propulsion system is really quality, giving a high production and efficiency.N
It is an outstanding charter a art that can actually give you more room and more accommodation, which will result in you enjoying this journey more, and would not be cramped for space like many other yachts that are present in the current market. The best interiors in this current segment, they have been done by luxurious fabrics rich wood panelling and marble bathrooms that can actually entice any person to spend their whole life in this super- yacht Noni.
Noni superyachtHaving a cruise speed of up to 19 knots, one would say that this is a pretty stable yacht for luxury purposes. They have a crew of about five people, and they have a capacity of taking about 10 people aboard in this Azimuth yacht Noni, which is a tad too many in the current yachts in this market. They have a maximum speed of up to 23 knots and when need be you could go to that desired level, and enjoy the speed that is behind this luxury yacht Noni. They also have all the luxurious facilities and entertainment features like a TV or VCR or a PlayStation 2 which can mean that not a moment of your time in the yacht will go being bored.