Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport yacht

Sunseeker Predator 92 SportDefinitely one of the most popular new models of yachts are built by Sunseeker. The yacht builder is among the highest quality, offering reliability, comfort and luxury interior. The yachts of Sunseeker are amazing fiberglass yachts from highest class, compated with Benetti, Azimut and Hargrave. Uniquely situated in the range of Sunseeker, Predator 92 Sport offers a compact option for summer bridge as standard Extra, which allows passengers to feel the wind in her hair and repeatedly increased the pleasure of speed, without affecting the distinguished style of the series. The result is unique in terms of design achievement, which greatly increases the pleasure for both guests and the master. With a choice of drive systems model includes most modern technology, exciting presentation of water, while offers luxury and comfort, which is a sign of Sunseeker, providing an opportunity for you to take care of four-member crew. The yacht is quite large having enough space for you and your guests. The yacht Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport has length of 28.15 meters (or more than 92 feets), beam of 6.50 meters and draft of 1.98 meters. The yacht has deadweight of 65.8 metric tons. The luxury yacht is quite reliable with fuel capacity of 8.5 metric tons and fresh water capacity of 1.5 metric tons. Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport has independence of 450 nautical miles, which is quite high distance for such yacht. The yacht is reliable and had enough space for you and your guests. The diesel engine is Twin MTU 16V 2000 M94 with total power of 5280 hp, and auxiliary diesel generators are giving additional power of 46 kW, for the equipment of board.
The luxury yacht Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport is really giving you the opportunity to own some sailing castle. The yacht is consisted of 2 decks and summer bridge. On the main deck is situated large living room with kitchen and LCD TV-set. On the down deck are situated 2 double bedrooms, for you and your guests. All the interior is designed amazingly to impress every visitor on board of the yacht. On the bridge are installed the most modern navigation equipment for easy and safety traveling on long distances. The yacht is really beautiful, with all the necessary extras for one beautiful holiday. The price of such beauty is about 5 million GBP. If you think that the price is high, just have a look over this yacht.