SuperYacht A – Short Name Big Super Yacht

390 feet, 6,000 tones and powered with two MAN RK 280 diesel engines, superyacht A is one of the largest gas-powered mega yachts in the world. The superyacht has a maximum speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 19 knots yet even with all this power, she has to go sixteen days of top speed to empty her 750,000 litre gas tank.


Being one of the largest mega yachts in the world, the superyacht has been equipped with appropriate and comfortable décor; and good and qualified staff. The mega yacht is well spaced, with about 25,000 square feet of internal space and an additional 2,600 square feet for the master suite. To top this up, the designer of the mega yacht, Phillippe Starck added a private nookie room that is not only mysterious in design, but also hidden from the wandering eye. It is the best place for individuals who love their privacy top-notch.


With 37 staff, service delivery in the superyacht is almost impeccable. The 37 staff deliver service to 14 guests, which is the maximum capacity of the superyacht. Starck, being known to have a knack for security, also ensured that the superyacht was well secured from all possible angles. The yacht is bomb proof with 1.7 inch think bomb proof windows and glasses. Additionally, the over 35 CCTV cameras, motion sensors, high tech fingerprint and keypad entry and a well secured escape route for emergencies, all ensure that the guests are safe and secure as they enjoy their cruise.


Owned by mega yacht enthusiast, Melnichenko, the design of the superyacht has been made to fit the personality of the owner. The designer, Phillippe, explained that the designed was very accurate in terms of angles and math, as Melnichenko is also a well-known math enthusiast. The design is also smooth and significantly soft despite the purification of mathematical angles within its designs. Due to this said purification, it has been referred to as the stealth mega yacht.


The mega yacht has an interesting history, with many claiming that it resembles the taste of a man torn between his past younger self, and his current state. It was revealed that the tone of the interior design is particularly conflicting due to the involvement of Melnichenko wife, Aleksandra, in the interior design process. Whereas the initial look was meant to portray Melnichenko’s younger self, that is, when he was a bachelor, his wife preferred the interior design to focus on his married life.


It is important to also note that whereas many mega yachts have focused on singular large spaces for individuals, A has rooms that can be converted into much larger living spaces for the guests. The superyacht has six guest suites that are relatively large, but that can be converted to four state rooms as they have movable walls.


The superyacht was designed for those that love extreme luxury. The décor is made up of exquisite white stingray hide and the furniture is covered in crocodile skin. As the guests attracted to the mega yacht are wealthy individuals, there is a helipad at the top of the deck, right next to a large swimming pool. The position of the helipad and the swimming pool has, however, been criticised. It is practical that a landing helicopter will interfere, and even make uncomfortable, any swimmer in the area.


To curb this, the designer also added two more mid-sized swimming pools in other areas. One is glass bottomed and can be viewed as the ceiling of the below deck disco bar. The other is a normal sized pool, at the rear of the ship. Phillippe also designed three tenders to go alongside the superyacht. One of the three tenders is a sport tender. All three are approximately 35 meters long and have been valued at over US$ 1 million each. Phillippe recently announced that the superyacht, plus the tenders, costs a whooping US$300 million.

Overall, the mega yacht, with all features analysed is one of the best superyachts in the world; a definite recommendation for anyone willing to spend money to enjoy top class luxury. Apart from the displaced main swimming pool, every other aspect of the superyacht is impeccable, including the exterior design. Whereas the interior design can be a bit overwhelming, it gives the mega yacht a uniqueness that is refreshing.