Tatoosh yachtTatoosh yacht is large, spaceful and one of the largest in the world with length of 92.40 m. The yacht has beam of 14.90 m and maximum summer draft of 4.30 m. Tatoosh was built in 2000 by the yacht-builder and constructor Nobiskrug in the shipyard of Rendsburg, Germany. The super-yacht is owned by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, but was originally built for the mobile phone magnate Craig McCaw. Definitely this is one of the most luxury and comfortable private yachts, which is designed with great style. Tatoosh has 5 decks, deadweight of 2,300 DWT and gross tonnage of 3,229 GRT. With such dimensions the vessel has capacity for 20 passengers into 10 luxury suites with own ocean-view and really great interior. All the rooms have own satellite TV, own bathroom, Wi-Fi internet access and large living area. The super yacht has also luxury French designed saloon with limestone fireplace and spaceful dining area. Also on board there is swimming pool on the aft part of the main decks. Tatoosh yacht has movie theater, library and of course fitness gym. On board there are two helicopter caps and a submarine.
The engineering of the super-yacht is consisted of two Deutz AG SBV 16M 628 engines, each with power of 4,350 hp. The total power of Tatoosh is 8,700 hp and the maximum speed reaches 19.0 kn. The yacht has range of voyages 8,000 nautical miles and full equipment for long distant cruises. On board there are active and passive stabilizers to reduce rolling in bad weather. The hull is made by steel with improved strength, while the super structure is from aluminum. The yacht is really modern and well designed. It is highly reliable for long distant cruises and offers great comfort.