Mega yacht Blind Date

Blind Date motor yachtOne of the best luxury yachts that have been built in the current era, you would be hard put to find a blind date motor yacht that is in the same capacity and within the same pricing range of this yacht. Being designed by all the premium designers in this market, you would find that they have interior style that is very comfortable yet they offer a very stylish elegance as well as they exude glamour which you would feel very well about. They can either wonder at a maximum of up to 11 gas in four double cabins and one twin cabin that has to be accompanied by a Pullman.
The yacht is really amazing in engineering and navigation view. The length of the mega yacht Blind Date is 47.00 meters and the beam is 8.83 meters. These are really large values for a simple yacht with a few persons on board. Definitely the yacht is giving high comfort and very high class. The navigation equipment is also according to the latest standards of IMO, which will make your sailing very comfortable and safety.
The custom feature of one of this sort is that the owner suit is always located in the foreword of the main deck, and the windows are actually twice the original size, which actually offers a very good view of the seas that you’re traveling and, it can offer up a large number of varieties and uses which would make you a very happy man. It also has an accompanying study, which you could use in case you would want to read up on all your forgotten work, and make sure that you are not behind on your work schedule.
This blind date motor yacht can actually have 10 to 11 guests in that yacht at a time, and having five cabins with the crew speed of up to 50 knots, the right in this boat can be a breeze. They can accommodate a cabin crew of up to 9 members and the engine capability is a twin engine of 2720 KW, which is not at all in par with the other super yacht’s engines and, but it does serve this purpose in this boat and makes the ride eventful.