Ulysses – Super Yacht – Mega Explorer

In July 2016, Graeme Hart, current owner of the superyacht Ulysses, announced that he was putting the mega yacht on the market for a whooping US$256 million. The bidding of the yacht is expected to begin in 2017. Superyacht enthusiasts went crazy over the announcement, but to many, the lingering question was what exactly the US$256 million would buy. Well, for starters, it will purchase one of the largest and most sort after mega yachts explorers in the world.


The superyacht has 15 well maintained and fully equipped cabins that can host a total of 30 guests at a time. The cabins are spacious and have all amenities that top level guests would prefer. Apart from the 15 cabins, there is a large master suite that drips of elegance and class. The mega yacht can also hold a maximum of 42 staff members at a go, who ensure that the guests are comfortable and enjoy the benefits of the yacht as much as possible.


Designed by Marin Teknikk, a Norwegian ship engineer and designer, the superyacht measures 107.4 meters in length, a tonnage of approximately 6,000 and a beam of 60 feet. The design work was also influenced by Kyle Dick of the New Zealand Oscar Mike Naval Architects. The once in a life time mega yacht has a cruising speed of 14.5 knots, and a maximum speed of 16.4 knots.


In an attempt to provide both comfort and functionality, the interior design, done by Marin Teknikk and Oscar Mike, was carefully thought through. From the Rolls-Royce technical platform to the enormous garage for guests’ golf buggies, trail bikes and jet skis. The mega yacht is designed for people looking for class, adventure and luxury.

ulysses-open-plan ulysses-private-lounge

The interior design was inspired by contemporary art and youthfulness. It is full of energy with mild colors that bring out the contemporary features. The furniture is comfortable and modern, lying heavily towards comfortability and class than luxury. Despite the fact that this fourth largest mega yacht explorer was built specifically for the current owner, there is very little influence on design and décor that reflect the life of the owner. Arguably, only the level of class can be linked to Hart.


On the deck sits a well-designed helicopter pad and right next to it is a well-placed hangar with a refueling capability. Also, the superyacht has a well fitted modern kitchen and a walk in wine storage compartment. The compartment can be filled with over 200 different bottles of wine. The once in a lifetime yacht, is the first of its magnitude to be made and delivered. The superstructure and hull are made of steel while the deck is made of teak, making it a heavy mega yacht, fit for the rough waters and long expeditions. In fact, the steel hull of the mega yacht has not been faired to clearly indicate that it was made for rough waters.


To make the superyacht different and unique, the designers also included space for five excursion boats. Arguably, unlike many other mega yachts, Ulysses was designed for pure fun and entertainment. It is for this reason that a modern cinema was included in the design and can hold all guests on board at a time. The cinema is equipped with modern technology, including 3- D capability.


In the same breath, guests can enjoy the large spa that is completely fitted with a sauna, a 12 person Jacuzzi, a plunge pool, hairdressing room, massage room and hammam. On the deck also lies a massive 11 meter swimming pool that the guests can also appreciate.


The tender of the mega yacht is indeed one of its most impressive features. The main tender is 21 meters long and can be lifted easily onto the deck of the superyacht. As mentioned, the design of the mega yacht was carefully thought through as two customized cranes have been placed on both sides of the deck for lifting the tender. Other tenders have been carefully placed on the sides of the deck and also on the foredeck.


In many cases, mega yachts have focused on providing one or two large decks. However, going against the norm, Ulysses has seven major decks that allow guests to take the cruising experience to a much higher, adventurous and thrilling note than ever before.