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Argo Explorer Breaks New Ground

Apart from luxury and class, one other main reason why people fascinate over mega yachts is their ability to explore the wild waters. To explorers, the design of the superyacht, the material used in building it and its capacity to hold up in rough waters are key. Looking at the Argo Explorer from Rossinavi and Freivokh, all the three said factors are in check.


Rossinavi and Freivokh, well-known for their genius in designing of yachts, teamed up and conceptualised the 48 meter world superyacht. Both Rossinavi and Freivokh have crafted a name for themselves in designing of high end superyachts, and their tag team allowed the conceptualisation of one of the best world cruisers in the market.


One of the key features of the Argo Explorer is its vast decks. The decks have large spaces that allow at most 12 guests, to enjoy maximum pleasure as they explore. Taking the design of a mega yacht up a notch, Rossinavi and Freivokh have also designed a private owner’s deck that is elevated from the other decks. The position allows a superior view for the owners. The private deck is also complimented more by the private terrace, the VIP stateroom, a luxurious captain cabin, a well deigned study and a spacious nanny cabin. Through the identified features, the mega yacht can be identified as one of the most private explorers in the world.


According to Freivokh the whole body of the superyacht was built in pure aluminum, giving it an interior volume of approximately 500 tonnes. Labelled a ‘D’ Ice Class world cruiser, Argo Explorer can also comfortably host a limo tender, a submarine, an amphibian and a service tender. Arguably, the only limitation the mega yacht has is the lack of a helipad. Despite this, the designers agree that the vast decks can be used as a touch and go helipad.


The interior design of the superyacht is nothing short of exquisite. One of the remarkable features is a spiral mega yacht staircase that allows the guests to have a 360 degree view of the sea. Additionally, the design allows crew members to go about their tasks without bumping into guests through the discreet crew access.


The superyacht has a maximum cruising range of approximately 9,200 kilometres but interestingly, is among the most quiet world cruisers in the market. The silence is supported by a zero noise engineering platform fitted with gyroscopic stabilizer that was specifically custom designed for both functionality and convenience of the mega yacht. With a pair of Rolls-Royce pod-drive engines, the superyacht is very easy to maneuver in the rough tracks.


Moreover, the superyacht is fitted with a heavy duty crane that can lift up all the four tenders on board. The positioning of the crane also allows easy lifting of any landing craft or submersible onto the large decks. The Argo Explorer is definitely a top super yacht, particularly targeting people who are private, enjoy class and passionate about exploring.