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Luxury Boat Hire – Your Path To Owning Your Own Yacht

There’s something special about super yachts. They are large, rarely understated and reserved for the super rich. As soon as you see one, you begin to imagine what things can be. When you think it over though, almost everyone won’t ever get the opportunity to own one. Cost for 1 of these kinds of beautiful creations can vary from a few million dollars and into the hundreds of millions. What you could wind up paying for a luxury yacht is generally only limited by how luxurious you’re looking for that yacht to be.

Eclipse Super Yacht

Is ownership really out reach? Well, there are some options available for those of us that would like to think we have done quite well for ourselves but can’t afford to pay the sky high amounts that billionaires such as Roman Abramovich and the Sheiks of Abu Dhabi paid for theirs. Azzam, built for Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed reportedly had a build cost of over US$400 million. Now that is out of reach for most!

Azzam Luxury Super Yacht

One highly regarded and cost effective way of owning your own yacht could be to hire an agent to charter the yacht out for you. Chartering a yacht may help you recoup a large part of the ownership and maintenance costs. Mooring, cleaning, marketing and general maintenance will all accumulate. You’re able to own a luxury yacht, fair to say it won’t be in the same league as the ones previously mentioned. You will get to use it and enjoy it and the agent will help you pay for it. A great example of a luxury boat hire option is MY Sahana or Ghost II.

There are a few advantages to listing your luxury yacht with an agent. Most agents will usually look after everything for you and often all you need to do is call ahead to utilize yacht. Public holidays and special event days that include new years eve are always very popular and thus you could find that the yacht has gone out on charter for big days similar to this. The interest in vessels like this is always fairly high. Sydney Harbour has a popular demand for luxury yachts from VIPs and corporates whereas the Northern end of Australia such as the Whitsundays is quite well-liked by long term charters which go for a week or two. Famous destinations nationwide include Port Douglas and Cairns. These locations have become popular for much longer term stays for a few days or even a few weeks, particularly with foreign tourists.

MY Sahana Luxury Boat Hire

Masteka Super Yacht Hire

A professional agent will make that desire of owning your very own luxury yacht possible. Finding the right agent and luxury yacht on your own is challenging. You need to have some business sense as well as a tiny amount of luck in your favor. You get to make use of the yacht on days that it’s not on charter and the agent will handle the rest for you.