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Motor Yacht Galaxy

Motor Yacht Galaxy in one of the most luxury and beautiful yachts built from the famous yacht builder – Benetti. The yachts from this series, called F8 are the most luxury and large yachts of the company. The length of Galaxy is 56 meters and the beam is 10.40 meters. The draft of the beautiful yacht is 3.10 meters, which is giving to the yacht displacement of 801 tons. Galaxy is yacht built specilly to be luxury. The year of building of motor yacht Galaxy is 2005 into the Italian yacht-yard of Benetti. The yacht has two main engines Caterpillar 3512B with power of 1,800 horse powers at 1600 rpm. This engine is giving enough power for the yacht to reach maximum speed of 16 knots, but with this speed the yacht is having too high fuel consumption. This makes the yacht cruising speed, a little bit slower – 15.1 knots. The range of this yacht with speed of 12 knots is amazing 5000 nautical miles. The yacht can sale to long distances and for the owner of this beauty this will be one of the most exciting vacations.
When talking about so beautiful and luxury yacht we will not be so interested in the engine and technical specifications of the yacht. When you are spending some millions for one yacht, you want to feel comfortable and very good on board. This is the main idea of the interior designer Stefano Natucci, who is the owner of the yacht and desided to create this beauty with his point of view. The motor yacht Galaxy has 4 VIP rooms, 1 large living room and 1 smaller one. Also on board there are 2 outside bars, which can be used from the owner and from the guests for their night and day parties on board. With only one word – the yacht is beautiful and good looking.