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Enjoy The Superyacht Dream on Infinity

Built by Dorries Yacht, one of the globally renowned yacht manufacturers, Infinity will be released as a luxurious and classy yacht in 2020. If you love exclusive, well designed yachts, then you should be eagerly waiting for a chance to purchase this boat for the ultimate super yacht experience.

Infinity Super yacht

The steel hull and aluminum superstructure make Infinity one of the best yachts to cruise the smooth waters of the Mediterranean, Turkey and Greece with. Super yacht Infinity is comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.  The steel hull makes the boat heavy enough for rough waters while the aluminium superstructure makes it light enough to pick up speed whenever necessary. On board Infinity, you will enjoy a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Infinity superyacht main lounge

With a LR classification, the 104 metre yacht will have 8 passenger rooms, with the capacity to accommodate 16 individuals. A crew of 36 individuals can fit in the yacht without interrupting any events being held. The boat has 2 ABB engines perfect for smooth super yacht charter sailing. The diesel electric engines are also very quiet ensuring that, that intimate super yacht charter you have been planning is not disturbed by engine noises.

Main Lounge on Superyacht infinity

Just like other yachts of its calibre, Infinity is very spacious. The yacht will boast of 5 decks, which will be well adorned with teak. Exterior design is by H2 Yacht Design. The company is well known for classy and stylish designs. The spaces are also designed lightly yet classily, to ensure that your personal preference as the new owner of Infinity can be easily incorporated after purchase.

Renderring of master stateroom on Infinity SuperycachtSpacious master stateroom on Infinity Superyacht

With a beam of 16 metres, it goes without saying that the boat is large. Some of the striking spaces inside will be the large saloon, the spacious 8 bedroom cabins, the kitchen and the decks. So, how much would it cost you to own this one of a kind yacht and host super yacht charter events whenever you want? The builders, Dorries Yacht, recently announced that the boat will go for £159,433,000. With this amount, you will be the proud owner of one of the best and most exclusive yachts in the world. See the full listing on Fraser Yachts.