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Mary Jean II Available for Luxury Charter

For any luxury charter and super yacht lover, Mary Jean II tops the list. Built to perfection, the Aristo blue yacht pulls the attention of the high and mighty. Designed by the famous Italian yacht designers ISA, it embodies latest technology for both functionality and comfort. The twin caterpillar engines used make sure that the sailing is smooth. The yacht is very fuel friendly, with a fueling capacity of 124000.00L / 32757.33USG. Also, the full displacement hull makes the yacht very fast so you and your guests can enjoy your super yacht charter at all speeds.

Bow view of mary Jean Luxury charter yacht Stern View of mary Jean II Luxury Charter Yacht

Super yacht charter experiences on Mary Jean II are also extraordinary due to the comfort it offers. The spaces are not only large, but well designed and decorated to fit the preference of any owner or guest. The decks are very spacious as well. The design allows for tenders and other equipment usually placed on the decks to be stored out of sight, leaving room for you and your guests. The 61.7 metre yacht has a maximum speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots, making any super yacht charter comfortable at both top and low speeds.

External walk around on Mary Jean II luxury Charter

Mary Jean II is also perfect for any type of overnight super yacht charter. You can invite 12 of your friends for a memorable overnight super yacht charter, as the boat has 7 bedroom cabins. The owner occupies a state of the art Master bedroom located on the main deck. Spacious and designed with a warm and homely feel, the Master bedroom is perfect for intimate couples and can even be used for honeymoons.

Plenty of room in the Master Stateroom of Luxury charter yacht Mary Jean II Luxury Charter Yacht Mary Jean II master cabin

The interior design is very warm. The use of well-polished wooden panels gives the whole yacht a unique and classy feel. The designer also played around with lights to make the spaces of the yacht more exquisite. Your luxury charter on this boat will definitely be one to remember due to the class and luxury it offers through its amenities and decor.

Spacious Lounge on Mary Jean II luxury Charter Yacht Entertainment lounge on luxury charter yacht Mary Jean II

You can take Mary Jean II out for that perfect super yacht charter cruise anytime of the year for a very competitive €310,000 p/w. For luxury yacht charter in Australia your best bet is to visit Any Boat. They are the leading luxury charter agents in Australia.